Comprehensive Destiny Reading
Comprehensive Destiny Reading

Comprehensive Destiny Reading

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The date and time of a person’s birth hold the key to a person’s fate in life. When one is born into this world, he or she already has 33% of his destiny in place, which is what is referred to as Heaven Luck. Whatever a person does with the remaining two-thirds of his destiny is all up to him, but a good understanding of his Heaven Luck will make a lot of difference when he makes important decisions such as choosing careers or marriage partners. It will also help him understand the strong and weak aspects of his personality, the favourable and unfavourable milestones in his life, even the people who could help him achieve his goals or those who stand in the way of his success. A Personal Life Analysis is a valuable guide that allows one to go through his life journey with confidence.

This service is ideal for:

  • Those who seek guidance in their careers and personal lives
  • Those who seek better self-understanding and improve themselves further

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