Frigga Fashion Forecast -- December 7, 2023 – January 4, 2024

Animal Sign December 7, 2023 – January 4, 2024
RAT Focus on your health and place Longevity and Health symbols at home's North side. Wear white, gold, silver outfits. Use amulets, Mantra Bangles for protection. Attend to minor illnesses with care and engage in exercise like yoga. Mind your relationships for mental health. Self-care leads to a fulfilling life.
OX Past good luck persists. Embrace challenges as opportunities. Use protective amulets like Anti-Robbery Amulet or Rhino and Elephant symbols. Address negativity before proceeding. Plan for difficulties in pursuing goals. Employ feng shui cures. Act on work opportunities promptly for future gains. Stay focused, avoid shortcuts, aim for genuine success.
TIGER Beware of challenges and potential losses due to negative energies this month. Use Anti-Robbery Amulet or protective symbols. Address distractions promptly, install cures, carry protective accessories. Seize professional opportunities for desired career growth. Honesty and diligence bring unexpected rewards. Make decisions carefully in your work.
RABBIT Be mindful of your responses, as choices impact outcomes. Prioritize self-care and prosperity. Expect support ahead. Travelers can benefit from Frigga Mantra accessories. Insurance is wise due to potential setbacks. Release minor relationship conflicts, nurturing harmony. Keep a Laughing Buddha image for harmony.
DRAGON Anticipate delightful rewards in business or career. Workplace harmony aids smooth operations when teams innovate and aim high. Stronger family and friendship bonds. Singles may meet someone special. Positive influences breed optimism and motivation. Enjoy the lasting invigorating spirit, regardless of new responsibilities.
SNAKE Some unexpected treats in the form of improved interactions with partners, friends, and family. The bonds you make this month will be enduring, and the team spirit will be re-energized. You may get paid for something owed you. Singles could find a romantic partner. Every revelation will be invigorating.
HORSE Despite potential health challenges, a fruitful month awaits with a promising career. A delayed promotion or salary increase might manifest. Enhance your prospects by placing symbols like Ruyi and the Victory Horse and by wearing metal element colors. Activate the South area to boost wealth luck.
SHEEP Guard against negative energy this period. Focus on the bigger picture and embrace novelty daily. Despite setbacks, avoid arguments and overloading tasks. Embrace personal growth and colleague cooperation, sidestepping rivalry. Your journey isn't a competition; foster development and camaraderie for a better life.
MONKEY Positive energies bring confidence and excitement. New activities and intriguing assignments await, perhaps even a compensation increase. After previous challenges, refocus on major plans. Renew friendships and make new contacts. Enhance the South area. Address relationship issues promptly to avoid future complications.
ROOSTER Cherish positive moments in your personal, professional, and family realms this month. Balance heart and mind in decisions toward your goals. Enhance your spaces with remedies like Wu Lou and 5-Element Pagoda. Embrace personal fashion enhancers like Astrology Medallions or a Boar image for continued good luck.
DOG Anticipate financial gains and incoming funds, even owed money might be repaid. Apply for loans or funds, approvals are likely. Date with care for singles, appreciate current relationships. Avoid overdoing impressing partners. Embrace tranquility in relationships. Stay confident and channel strength forward.
BOAR Positive chances for wealth increase from windfalls, property sales, or debt repayments. Expect happiness from unexpected sources, potential investment opportunities, and family positivity. Love prospects are high, strengthen relationships and attract romance. Enhance luck with Tree of Life emblems or wealth symbols in the Northwest.

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