Frigga Fashion Forecast -- March 4 – April 4, 2024

Animal Sign March 4 – April 4, 2024
RAT Networking is key, so stay open to opportunities. Wear the Victory Medallion for attention. Nurture relationships; be open to romance. Trust in your abilities, seize opportunities, enjoy the journey because success awaits.
OX Celestial forces favor genuine romance seekers. Assess heart matters carefully. Wear the Seal of Commitment charm, socialize with close friends, explore new relationship possibilities. If in a relationship, cherish connections, strengthen bond with current partner amidst challenges.
TIGER Step beyond your comfort zone, exploring new romantic possibilities. Try to mingle with captivating souls who have the potential to join your journey. Each connection harbors the promise of profound partnership. Amid life’s challenges, nurture the bond with your current partner; let love win against adversity.
RABBIT Seize opportunities to showcase abilities, learn, explore, and invest. Display the Triumph Talisman to help manifest travel desires. Boost confidence with the Victory Glow Charm. Show care in relationships, but expect surprises. Plenty of chances to meet someone special. Embrace growth with each step taken.
DRAGON Amid challenges, prioritize well-being for resilience and success. Use Feng Shui remedies like Peace and Harmony Plaque to ward off misfortune. Nurture connections with Feng Shui Allies and Friends Accessories. Approach relationships with openness and discernment. Aim for unity through understanding.
SNAKE Alleviate stress and foresee conflicts. You will need Feng Shui remedies to help ease difficulties in relationships. Borrow some auspicious luck by wearing accessories featuring your zodiac Allies and Friends. Approach relationships with openness and try to be more understanding.
HORSE Abundant luck awaits as energies align for remarkable outcomes. Dedication will yield positive results, but beware the Robbery Star threat. Install a water fountain for enhanced finances. Carry Lucky Penny or Chinese Dragon talisman for prosperity. Exercise caution with new connections.
SHEEP Focus on your personal life while maintaining professional success. Enhance networking luck with Tower of Success Amulets. Approach romantic enticements cautiously, infuse relationships with positivity. Single individuals: exercise patience and self-improvement, trusting destiny for the perfect match in due time.
MONKEY Listen to your heart, seize opportunities. Embrace financial positivity. Approach romance cautiously, nurture relationships positively. If you’re single, trust that the right person will come along at the right time. For now, work on self-improvement.
ROOSTER This is your conflict month, but pleasant surprises are possible. Wear the Tai Sui amulet for protection. Let go of past grievances. Invest in relationships with dedication and trust. Practice fairness and impartiality to gain respect from colleagues. Promising chapter awaits in relationships; devote time to loved ones.
DOG Amidst success, underlying unease may arise from past issues resurfacing. Use mantra accessories or lucky charms for protection against negative energy. Safeguard the Southwest and North sectors with Laughing Buddha or peace figurines. Install 5-element pagoda in the Northwest to ward off misfortunes. Stay positive to emerge stronger.
BOAR Despite ongoing accomplishments, there could be subtle restlessness from past issues. Use mantra accessories or evil eye talismans for protection. Place a 5-element pagoda in Northwest or wear Karma Guardian charm. Focus on brighter facets, navigate with resilience, emerge stronger.

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