Frigga Fashion Forecast -- September 7 – October 7

ANIMAL SIGN September 7 – October 7, 2023
RAT You may experience insecurities and feel unappreciated, but don't let doubts affect your efforts. Focus on the positive and don't let small issues disrupt your relationships. Stay self-aware and in control. Use 5-Element Pagoda cures and carry Om Mahne Padme Hum Pendant or Longevity Medallion for guidance.
OX Don't miss out on the positive outcomes in store this month. Learn from circumstances, as your efforts may be rewarded. Keep excelling, gain valuable experience, and consider higher positions. Interact with like-minded individuals, embrace networking opportunities, and strengthen relationships with loved ones.
TIGER Life is improving after a challenging month. Embrace the positivity and continue excelling at work for well-deserved rewards. Go out and create valuable connections. Boost confidence with the Ruyi emblem and enhance networking luck with a harmonious affinity shawl. Strengthen relationships with loved ones.
RABBIT Despite doubts, good things are on the horizon. Seek understanding to find answers. Show off your abilities and make choices with serious consideration. Wear Trading & Business charms for wealth luck. Strengthen long-distance relationships and embrace singlehood. Tackle delayed tasks and seek harmony for personal growth.
DRAGON Amidst minor obstacles, use mantra protection amulets for safety. It's a productive period to pursue goals. Love life is promising for Dragons, with potential for meeting a partner or enjoying a harmonious relationship. Arm yourself with peace and harmony amulets for positive forces and inner peace.
SNAKE There is good luck this month to achieve your goals. Counter obstacles in your personal life with mantra amulets. Love life looks encouraging, with potential for meeting the right partner. Keep peace and harmony amulets with you for inner balance and harmony. Peace, abundance, and achievement are within reach.
HORSE Stay focused on your goals despite challenges. Learn from them and carry Om Mane Padme Hum Pendant or Longevity Medallion for guidance. Communicate and let go of small things in relationships. Be flexible, mindful, and charismatic in your career. Wear white, gold, and silver to neutralize negative energy.
SHEEP Prepare for difficulties and potential misfortunes this month. Face challenges and seek solutions. Use the Anti-Robbery Amulet for protection. Manage negative energy and prioritize safety. Install cures and carry amulets. Place wealth symbols and anti-robbery plaque. Avoid shortcuts and give your all to achieve your goals.
MONKEY Prepare for challenges and potential losses due to negative energies this month. Take precautions with the Anti-Robbery Amulet or protection symbols. Address obstacles before moving forward. Listen to advice and seize work opportunities. Avoid shortcuts and focus on your goals. Expect rewards by giving your all.
ROOSTER Regain satisfaction and let go of negative energy. The future holds promising successes and groundbreaking opportunities. Be cautious with advice given and received. Stay focused on personal motivation, avoid rushing decisions, and cultivate success energies with symbolic displays in the Southwest sector.
DOG Avoid overcommitment and prioritize self-care. Employ Feng Shui cures in the East and Northwest sectors. Connect with loved ones, engage in meditation or yoga, and maintain a brave face. Find hope in the health and longevity protection amulet and express gratitude for each day.
BOAR Illness and misfortune stars in your chart. Stay positive and use anti-illness and anti-misfortune Feng Shui cures. Avoid fire element colors, take care of your health, watch your diet, and be cautious. Keep a smile on your face, inspire your team, and stay focused on your goals. Try to meet tight deadlines.

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