OX Horoscope Guide 2024
OX Horoscope Guide 2024

OX Horoscope Guide 2024

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(Delivery before December 30, 2023). Limited edition only

In this Year of the Dragon, the heavens shine upon the Ox-born people,
illuminating their path with blessings. Surprises unfold, bringing
unexpected winnings, gifts, and blessings beyond imagination. Embrace
the journey, for miracles await in this auspicious year. Believe in the
extraordinary and be ready to receive astonishing opportunities.

Trust in the universe benevolence as it conspires to bestow celestial
gifts. Embrace the magic of the unexpected and open the heart to its
wonders. Carry the Divine Fortune amulet or the Replicating
Prosperity charm for non-stop flow of heaven’s luck. Carry the
windfall amulet and display wealth and prosperity enhancers in the
Northeast part of your home for continuous good luck.

Reserve your Horoscope Guide for 2024, The Year of the Wood Dragon!
Your ultimate tools for using the energies of the mighty Wood Dragon to make 2024 your best year yet are now available for pre-order!

The 2024 Marites Allen Horoscope Book OX shows you how to navigate into a successful Year of the Wood Dragon! Know your luck prospects for the year and for each month. Get suggestions on which feng shui charms to use to boost good fortune and cures to manage challenging energies; plus, other useful tips for promoting wealth, health, career, business, and personal relationships. Each book has an improved QR code that allows Augmented Reality (AR) experience – another exciting Metaverse experience by Marites Allen and Frigga Charmed Life. Images come ‘alive’ giving you a realistic feel of the featured products unlike the flat impressions given by print images.

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