Frigga Fashion Forecast -- August 7 – September 6, 2022

ANIMAL SIGN August 7 – September 6, 2022
RAT You will feel increasingly victorious this month. Stay focused and tie up loose ends. Positive energy will flow all around you. It’s a perfect setting to allow opportunities to come your way. Don’t neglect your family. They will be the ones to support and stand by you during tough times. For luck, use the Success and Prosperity Medallion.
OX You have the double wealth star configuration on your chart, which happens once every eight years. You MUST take advantage of this excellent wealth luck. Seek out images that symbolize your desires in life –be it love, wealth, health, career opportunities, or more. Wear 9-Charm Bracelets to attract positive energy into your life.
TIGER You should go all out in monetizing your good fortune this month. Surround yourself with things that motivate or inspire you to reach your goal, such as a dream board. This is a good time to grab all the chances that present themselves to you with regard to your career, as well as your relationship.
RABBIT Some situations and conflicts at home or in the workplace will be out of your control. Losing your temper will only create damage you will later regret. Therefore, you have to be very careful and cautious of the type of energy you allow yourself to be surrounded with. Likewise, avoid giving pride or ego control this month, but let issues go.
DRAGON You are surrounded by people who will be of great help to you when the going gets tough. At work, use crucial problems to push yourself further and remember that you learn valuable lessons from these experiences. In love, be patient with your partner and work through your differences immediately.
SNAKE There will always be crucial problems to solve; remember that you can learn from those experiences. You will be surrounded by friends who will be of great help. In love, the bottom line is to be patient and work through your differences with your partner. If you’re single, don’t forget that serious relationships come with some obligations.
HORSE This is going to be a month of significant achievements. As much as you can, create opportunities for happy occasions this month. When organizing social events, consult the Feng Shui Planner and Almanac. Be sure that the flying star compass direction of your home and office are effectively enhanced and refreshed with the proper feng shui accessories.
SHEEP Health becomes a concern this month, so keep tabs of your well-being. Misunderstanding and disagreement are all too possible both at home and in the workplace. Remember that all areas of your life are connected, so resolving issues at work will help strengthen the balance at home. You may feel unstable during this period, especially if your health is compromised.
MONKEY Rewards await you at work, provided that you prove your value. Harmony shall rule at home, if you’re able to control conflicts at work. Trust is a given in any sound relationship, so make it the foundation of your day-by-day practice. It also helps to be open-minded to establish a strong, loving bond between you and your partner.
ROOSTER Conflict at the workplace is giving you problems. Just focus on doing a great job. Stay away from all forms of negativity to protect your well-being and health. Instead, surround yourself with people who think just like you do and are ready to support you. Treat your partner with affection and tenderness this month, as they will be there for you to lean on.
DOG Your wishes will be heard, as you inspire others at work with your positive energy and they will be eager to associate with you and gain from your experiences. Surround yourself with positive energies and stay away from people who might be secretly envious of you. Continue to be kind and all that kindness will go back to you.
BOAR A windfall of luck is blowing in your direction. Your efforts will be recognized, and you will inspire others at work with your positive energy. Your partner will find you very attractive and the love you feel will be like when you first met. Trust your instincts when making any major decisions. There would be a lot of progress in your life.

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