Frigga Fashion Forecast -- July 7 – August 6, 2022

ANIMAL SIGN July 7 – August 6, 2022
RAT There are a lot of negativities, but you can overcome them if you try. Stick to work deadlines. It’s vital for your future advancement. Try to regain your energy and decide what you want in love. Your daily tasks may leave you feeling low and insecure: Wear health mantra accessories to give you strength.
OX Your prosperity and wealth-making opportunities are pretty high during this period eve though this is your conflict month. Install wealth-enhancing images in the Northeast and West part of your home or office. Wear the Wealth and Success Medallion to realise some cash and collection opportunities and to boost your networking luck.
TIGER Adopt a can-do mindset to ensure you take maximum advantage of all opportunities that present themselves. Keeping an open mind will help you make progress during this period. Things are going perfectly for those in a committed relationship; this may be the time to take it to the next level.
RABBIT Love is finally in the forecast, so if you find a romantic partner, know that happiness, and possibly marriage, are on the horizon. If you are married, you may be welcoming a new member into the family. Things should be improving at work, as well, especially compared to last month.
DRAGON Some unresolved issues are probably catching up with you now. Be cautious when an afflicted star visits any of your sectors. Keep the Southeast or Center sectors protected with the images of the laughing Buddha or peace and harmony figurines. Look at the bright side and focus on things that matter most!
SNAKE You will sense something’s not right, despite the triumphs at work and love from the people closest to you this month. Try wearing some specially created mantra amulets or evil eye lucky charms as they will help you be happy with what you have and help you avoid trouble.
HORSE New and exciting opportunities, new freedom, new directions will be pouring into your direction. If you are religious, pray for guidance. If you are into feng shui, consult the different tips given in our Feng Shui almanac, Planner, or astrology books to make it a profitable time for you. Look for new avenues for self-development.
SHEEP Disagreements are likely, but always remember that you will overcome them, and you will come out stronger than you were before. Stay away from anything that will stress you; you need to be very strong and as positive as possible. Display the Peace and Harmony Plaque and Figurines throughout your home and office.
MONKEY Any amount of tension will affect your personal and professional life, so don’t cave in when stressful times arise. Just take care that you handle crisis situations the best way you can. Use your feng shui Allies and Friends accessories to attract helpful energies, allowing you to take advantage of your strong connections.
ROOSTER You need to be cautious about the people you allow into your circle, especially those you]ve just met and have not had the opportunity to work with. They might be causing you to lose focus in what you do. Be mindful of this and take your time. This month, your work may be duly recognized and rewarded.
DOG Some challenges are possible. You will be given work offers that are truly enticing. Be extremely cautious as there may be strings attached. Any unplanned venture this month could result in losing your cash. Offset difficult times by spending quality time with your partner.
BOAR Some possible losses are possible. Be extra cautious with whatever activities you wish to engage in this time. There may be some rough patches in your relationships. The good news is, there will still be surprises of rewarding opportunities. Remain focused on your goals and control the negative energy by remaining cool and collected.

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