Frigga Fashion Forecast -- August 7 to September 6, 2021

ANIMAL SIGN August 7 to September 6, 2021
RAT A business deal you’ve long sought is now coming to fruition. Review contracts or agreements to ensure a fair deal. A colleague or family member may seek your advice this month. Listen and be mindful of how you respond. This person may provide something important to aid you in future issues.
OX Any sickness may derail whatever progress you have made. Look after your health especially as more responsibilities are coming your way. Health and longevity amulets will be very helpful. Celebrate any achievements quietly, as others envy the progress you have made. Remain humble and keep your head low.
TIGER This month, your personal and professional life could take a new dimension, as your diligence will start to pay off. Just try to manage the way you project your success. Make sure you allow others to express themselves at work to avoid rivalry and jealousy.
RABBIT There could be good news at work. The stars in your chart indicate promotion or salary increase. Pay attention to your projects. Communication will be vital. You have learned so much from your past challenges. Boost your confidence by wearing popularity amulets.
DRAGON There is every possibility that you may overspend this month. Mind any extra expenses and the possibility of other forms of loss. On the upside, your love life looks exciting. Especially if you’re single, there may be great days ahead. Don’t miss that opportunity to shine.
SNAKE Be mindful of unnecessary expenses that could drain your resources. One occasion could be worth being generous about. Embrace the positive vibe! You’ll have enough energy to do the physical activities you’ve been postponing recently. If you’re single, always look your best as the possibility of meeting someone interesting is huge.
HORSE You need to be more patient this month because the stars do not seem to work for you. Nonetheless, do not forget: this storm shall pass. The energy of the month might not be helpful for relationships. Still, count your blessings and at day’s end, use the Feng Shui Planner to list down three things that you are grateful for.
SHEEP You might feel as if luck is not on your side. Your self-confidence is taking a hit. The tense situations at work could accompany you home, leading to more arguments and weakening communication with your partner. Such negativism will pass in time. Wearing your peace and harmony amulets will help.
MONKEY You should never expect things to always go the way as planned. Disappointment is a normal occurrence in life. Whatever happens, you should know that nothing lasts forever; the storm will definitely pass. Wear your peace and harmony amulets so as not to feel so drained.
ROOSTER Positivity will affect all areas of your life related to wealth. If you set your heart on your goals, now is the time to make it happen. Be aggressive! You will find that networking luck is particularly activated by wearing Victory Banner Amulets or the wealth and success medallions or lucky accessories this month.
DOG Amazing and positive things are possible for you this very month. For those in business, invite more opportunities by displaying the image of your secret friend, the Prosperity Rabbit, in the East. Don’t let minor illnesses get in your way. Your health should still be top priority.
BOAR A minor illness may affect your work, but you can help avoid it by taking good care of yourself. Try to connect well with your co-workers to maintain productivity in the office. If you are single, make love an absolute for you this month. If you are in a relationship, cherish it and do your best to keep it harmonious.

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