Frigga Fashion Forecast -- July 7 to August 6, 2021

ANIMAL SIGN July 7 to August 6, 2021
Rat The decisions you make this month may truly have lasting effects. Try to keep your energy levels high to sustain you in the weeks to come. If you must travel for work or pleasure, wear a Frigga Mantra Shawl or Pagoda-inspired accessories. You will need all the protection you can get.
Ox Stick to your goals, but do not overload yourself. Try to break up your routine as well and challenge yourself with new projects. Just leave some time free for connecting with others. Jealous peers linger, so remember that the only person you need to impress is yourself. Have some feng shui protection against jealous people this month.
Tiger Good fortune still lingers but remember to avoid excessive stress. Be on the lookout for jealous peers. Know that you are not in competition with anyone because each one of us has our own battles. Work on nurturing your self-worth. Keep your eyes on the prize and avoid becoming too distracted.
Rabbit You may notice a lot of tension piling up that could affect your health. At work, a team that’s out of sync might be your biggest obstacle as no one pays attention to anything you say and none of the projects goes according to plan. Focus on the people in your life; this month is for making connections and accepting people for who they really are.
Dragon Some interesting investment opportunities might be too good to be true. Make sure the risk is well calculated before investing. This is your conflict month, but the energies will still be in your favor if you’re starting a business. Wear the wealth medallion and infinity symbols and keep the image of a dragon with you this month to mitigate any conflict energy.
Snake You will have a chance to be in the limelight. All the positive vibes and emotions you need are with you this month. No need to fear, because your health is set to change and your past struggles, forgotten. Furthermore, your love life is blooming. Keep an image of the Dragon for prosperity and to manage conflict energies that could stand in your way.
Horse The changes you are expecting will be refreshing and exciting. You will need to build your relationships, especially those with your colleagues. A lot of luck awaits you this month; Activate the Northeast with luck enhancers to help manifest good fortune this month.
Sheep You may be in for a lot of good news and gifts from places you never expected. An investment opportunity or another income stream might come your way. In this favorable month, use the Tree of life pendant or the friendship medallion to increase your luck and bring more love to your life.
Monkey An unexpected investment opportunity may present itself. There is also the likelihood of a promotion or an alternative income stream. Positive vibes will likewise flow from your friends, family, and co-workers, as long as you are more accepting of their ideas.
Rooster A minor illness may irritate you. Take the time to check out the smallest aches and pains before they get bigger. Even stretching during long hours of work can help. Try to listen if others offer advice to help expedite your goals. Be mindful no to let little things put a dent in your relationship as any minor annoyance has the potential to become much larger.
Dog You need to be bold and effective time manager to get the best out of this month. You will be so busy that you may not have the time to complain. Take comfort knowing that it is for a very good cause. Singles will have a good chance for romance. Cupid may be reaching out to you this month. When you find it difficult to decide on a suitable partner, seek advice.
Boar You are full of joy, positivity, and powerful ideas about things you wish to begin this month. There are indications of favorable developments in your private and professional life. Go with the change and move with the tide to reap your rewards. Display the Victory banner in the Southeast to boost your success luck this month.

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