Frigga Fashion Forecast -- January 5 to February 3, 2022

ANIMAL SIGN January 5 to February 3, 2022
RAT Doubts will begin to cloud your judgment this month, but understand that good things are in store. Prove what you are capable of and put serious thought into any decisions you make—especially when it comes to business transactions. Display your wealth enhancers in the North corner of your office.
OX Double luck has come to you, so be ready to enjoy it! Follow your heart when making decisions. Your instincts are the best compass, for progress is coming to your career and personal life. Wear your Infinity Bangles or hang the Auspicious Coins to attract more money-making opportunities in this amazing month.
TIGER The windfall luck is blowing in your direction. Put on your Infinity Bangles or hang the Auspicious Coins to attract more money-making opportunities. You will inspire others at work with your positive energy. Surround yourself with like-minded people and avoid those who may want to tarnish your image.
RABBIT Your life is not built on a race track; you don’t have to compete for the first position. Relax and enjoy the present. Strenuous activities are not beneficial to you. Do not feel pressured by the success and growth rate of others. You are not in competition with anybody; you only need to be a better version of yourself.
DRAGON Surround yourself with the right set of people to help you regain your lost energy. Being with positive and principled people can help change your perspective in life. Hang the auspicious coins painting in the Southeast or wear the Victory and Success medallion to bring forth good fortune and success in your family.
SNAKE Start feeling the good vibes that bring good fortune. Keep the right people close by. Make this month memorable by simply being positive and having the mindset of a goal-getter. Improve your romantic relationship by attending to your partner’s needs. For single Snakes, be hopeful and open yourself to finding your soulmate.
HORSE Challenges and potential losses are likely. You need to understand that these challenges accompany every risk you take, but note that big payoffs are forthcoming. If there is a new opportunity at work, it will turn out to be a huge blessing. Keep your eye on the goal and expect to reap the rewards in time.
SHEEP Expect some difficulties as this month and the whole year are your conflict times. You have to be very cautious. Hold on to those mantra amulets, and use your good luck charms effectively! The good news is, you are most effective in your workplace. Look forward to good rapport with your colleagues.
MONKEY Expect some bumps as this is your conflict month. Be extra careful and always have those mantra protection amulets. The good news is that your love life looks promising. Your chances of meeting the right and perfect person is likely. If you are in a relationship, married, or just engaged, you will have just the same luck as the one for singles.
ROOSTER Focus on communicating and letting small things go in your relationship. Tough issues are better addressed later. Remain flexible and stay on a positive course. Wear metal element colors, such as white, gold, and silver to help neutralize any negative energy this month.
DOG You are experiencing growth in your career, and you may be open to a higher position in the office. Make sure that you use this great opportunity to connect with like-minded people. Use tested work habits and couple them with mindful intentions that will benefit many. Wear the Ruyi symbol or affinity shawl to boost your networking luck.
BOAR What seems to be very hard to achieve then can easily be achieved now. Be ready for something extraordinary that could only be achieved through meeting new people with the same vision as yours. Be open to new tasks or a higher position in the office. Take this opportunity before someone else does.

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