Frigga Fashion Forecast -- December 7 to January 4, 2022

ANIMAL SIGN December 7 to January 4, 2022
RAT Keep tabs of your health as you take on more responsibilities at work. Remember that others may not celebrate your success and may feel jealous. Try to celebrate any success quietly. Wealth enhancers such as the 9-Tier Water Fountain, Wealth Ingots are most effective this month.
OX The positive energy may no longer be there, and you may even experience some difficulties or losses. Attractive offers may be presented to you, but know that each comes with its own risk. Be very mindful of your money, and use some anti-robbery cures. Rough waters seen in your personal relationship, too.
TIGER Exercise caution on your spending. Robbery looms. This month lacks the positive energy that you felt comfortable in for the past months. Some work offers may be tempting. Be very prudent because there will be risks attached. Be careful about making any serious investment; you may lose your money.
RABBIT Mind your physical and mental health. The Ultimate Protector Amulet will help you go through this month unharmed. Your work will require much energy. Be aware that you’re not at your full potential. Be careful of how you relate with your loved ones as you might tend to lash out at them due to your frustrations.
DRAGON Expect some issues that may be influenced by the misfortune star. You may feel as if you’re being attacked from all directions, which may cause you to be short-fused. Practice honesty and sincerity in your relationships. Build a strong foundation based on trust and love.
SNAKE The misfortune star could bug you this month, which could be the cause of you being short-fused. Cool off by wearing your peace and harmony amulets. Think before you speak to avoid misunderstanding and conflict in your home and office. Do not allow work issues to affect the harmony at home.
HORSE Enjoy your wealth and success luck. Make sure you complete all pending tasks, and do not procrastinate so you can make more money. Despite your busy schedule, try to make time for good family bonding moments. Wear your Astrology Bracelets, Mystic Knot, or 9-charm Bracelets to attract love, wealth, success, and good health.
SHEEP All the negative vibes of the past months have vanished. You should encounter lots of successes courtesy of the Victory star. When life-changing opportunities come, be sure to grab them immediately. This is not a time for you to be scared. Be brave; this month should mark a new beginning for you.
MONKEY The Victory Star is very much present, and it should bring many good news. Be ready for this new stage! You could have a lot of breakthroughs and rewards this month if you trust your instincts and remain bold. Just go with the flow, and be careful about making any drastic changes to your relationship. Hold on for now.
ROOSTER The annual and monthly stars combine to provide you with winning luck. Wear the Wish- Fulfilling Amulet or Mantra Ring and observe how this newfound good luck can turn your insecurities around and enhance your positive energy. Work in silence and let your success make the noise.
DOG Some setbacks are possible as the negative stars align in your chart this time. The risk of losing something of material value is possible. Do not trust everyone you meet! This is the perfect time to engage in some charity and volunteer work. This will lend you some positivity as you have been feeling a little ineffective of late.
BOAR It may seem difficult to avoid unsettling moments, bet rest assured that there will be light at the end of the tunnel. Appreciate the gift of people around you, but be careful who you confide in this month. Do not trust everyone you meet! This is the perfect time for charity work to reverse any negative influences.

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