Frigga Fashion Forecast -- July 7 – August 7

ANIMAL SIGN July 7 – August 7, 2023
RAT The wealth luck is still there, although not as strong as before. You may face certain obstacles, but nothing major. After all you’ve accomplished, the possibility of facing some issues is not unusual. If your house is facing Northwest, East, or Northeast it would be helpful to enhance security in your home.
OX Things are getting better for you this time around, and you might go through advancements that you have consistently envisioned. Install some helpful images in the Northeast corner of your home or office, such as inspiring quotes and reminders of how good life is on a day-to-day basis.
TIGER If you’re in a relationship, enhance your connection by prioritizing pressing issues. For single Tigers, this month can be a time for exciting changes when it comes to your love life. You will most likely notice improvements that you’ve aspired to make in the past.
RABBIT By surrounding yourself with good people, you can regain the lost energy following the trials of the previous period. This is a time to promote success and prosperity within your family. The needs of your partner should always come first to you because they are particularly important right now.
DRAGON You may feel your vitality going down, but don’t let this make you irritable and unpleasant to be around. Otherwise, your relationships may go downhill. The star combination representing argument and illness energies could drain your overall well-being.
SNAKE As your energy levels are probably going to go down, make sure that you don’t become crabby, as the pressure could spread to your colleagues and friends. Possible health disorders and ailments could deplete your general prosperity. Do not panic; otherwise, your general mental and actual well-being could be at risk.
HORSE Strengthen security in your home as risks of robbery and loss are very high. Putting on anti-burglary amulets intensified by rhino and elephant symbols is a must. Deal with this month’s negative vibes to get much more accomplished.
SHEEP You will have a lot of activities at work as you get a chance to show your abilities. Apply your capacities to make greater strides towards accomplishing your goals! Use your imagination to take advantage of the opportunities that will highlight your skills. Sharing your good energy with your family this month is important.
MONKEY It is important to spend time with your family this month. Take some time out of your busy schedule to visit them. Family bonding will help you through the later stages of life. The time you spend with them will bring you peace of mind.
ROOSTER You will feel something’s not quite right, despite your achievements at work and love from those nearest to you this month. Some irritating issues from the past have most likely found their way to you now. Keep a positive mindset and focus on things that matter most.
DOG Watch your mood swings this month, and stay calm. Keep your head down at work and avoid confrontations, no matter what they concern. If you are single, wearing mystic knot-inspired accessories or love symbols may help attract the ideal one for you.
BOAR You could be doing so much better at work. If you focus on giving your all, promotion and increase in salary can even land on your lap unexpectedly. Install victory symbols in the South corner of your home or office for that extra drive and inspiration to excel further.

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