Frigga Fashion Forecast -- June 6 – July 6

ANIMAL SIGN June 6 – July 6, 2023
RAT Work on incomplete projects. Get rid of everything that’s holding you back, may it be relationships or unfinished business. The double wealth star configuration on your chart happens once every eight years. Therefore, it is a MUST that you take advantage of this excellent wealth luck opportunity.
OX Some inconvenience could come from all points. Keep a low profile and be with supportive and strong individuals who care about you. Stay away from negative people. To manage negative energy, you will require all the protection you can get, like the rhino and elephant symbol or the floral mantra protector.
TIGER You will need all the protection you can get, such as the anti- robbery symbol or the floral mantra protector to avoid negative energy. Some conflicts are possible but don’t let them occupy your mind; instead, focus on striving towards your goals!
RABBIT Veer away from work-related stress and allow harmony to follow you home. Every aspect of your life is interconnected, so resolving conflicts at work could help maintain domestic balance. Recognize when to drop arguments and focus on finding a solution rather than proving your point.
DRAGON Do not let small inconveniences get the better of you. Instead, think about why something is making you frustrated. Giving into your emotions will only cause damage. Relationships are very important, don’t ruin them over losing your temper.
SNAKE Stay low key, take it easy, and avoid any arguments as you will most likely be misunderstood – big time. A few circumstances and clashes at home or in the work environment will be beyond your control. Be extremely cautious and mindful of the kind of energy you permit yourself to be encircled with.
HORSE Let go of baggage and unhealthy ties that hold you back. The twofold wealth star configuration in your chart occurs once every eight years, so make use of this great opportunity now. Go all out in monetizing good fortune this month. Display images of love, wealth, and health, to draw positive energy.
SHEEP Viable opportunities will open its doors for you. Be prepared to welcome them with open arms. Nonetheless, remain fixed on your work and take care of potential issues. Wrap up incomplete projects that have been neglected. In the love department, positive energy will stream around you.
MONKEY Positive energy will flow all around you. It’s a perfect setting to allow opportunities to come your way. In love, take bold actions in moving forward. Commit and discuss the next step in your relationship. On the other hand, don’t neglect your family. They will be the ones to support and stand by you during tough times.
ROOSTER You inspire others at work with your positive energy and they will be eager to associate with you and gain from your experiences. Your partner will find you exceptionally attractive, and the feeling will be like when you first met. Trust your instinct when making any significant choices. It will not fail you as there would be lots of positive indications this month.
DOG The double misfortune this month brings possible challenges including health, finances, career, or business issues. The Northwest sector of your home and office should have the anti-misfortune feng shui cures. Be very strong and no matter what, keep getting up.
BOAR Stay on track and be strong as you could be facing small battles both in your personal and professional life. Consider taking time off somewhere. Avoid interacting much with people who could irritate you and spoil your days. You cannot afford to be dwelling too much on disappointment and sorrow.

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