Frigga Fashion Forecast -- July 7 to August 7, 2024

Animal Sign July 7 to August 7, 2024
RAT Stay determined, embracing challenges for growth. Carry the Om Mane Padme Hum Pendant for strength. Wear metal colors to neutralize negativity. Face obstacles with positivity, learning from them for a brighter future. Nurture relationships and align career ambitions with values to radiate confidence.
OX Unexpected good news and opportunities may arise. Embrace support from friends and colleagues, enhancing your well-being and career prospects. Maintain optimism and wear the Tree of Life pendant for added positivity. Approach interactions calmly for successful outcomes.
TIGER Embrace upcoming successes this month! Stay focused on your goals, make confident decisions, and be open to new beginnings. Surround yourself with reminders of your achievements for continued inspiration and motivation toward victory.
RABBIT Assess requests for authenticity. Use the anti-Hindrance or Evil Eye to ward off negative influences. Strengthen relationships through open communication and mutual understanding. Maintain inner peace amid challenges with emotional resilience and wisdom.
DRAGON Embrace uncertainty as a gateway to potential. Showcase your capabilities with confidence, using the emblematic Trading Medallion as charm. Navigate decisions carefully, strengthen relationships, and embrace singlehood’s opportunities.
SNAKE Amid uncertainty lies promise. Use it as your guiding star, moving beyond self-doubt to showcase your capabilities. Carry the Trading Medallion for confidence in decisions. Strengthen and enjoy the benefits of social connections. Navigate challenges as opportunities for growth.
HORSE Explore travel and academic pursuits with newfound vitality. Excel at work, paving the way for promotions and raises. Master networking through informal meetings. Seize opportunities boldly with confidence. Enhance luck and connections with symbolic accessories.
SHEEP Expect challenges, but also positive change and financial luck. Embrace transformation and enhance your intentions with lucky charms designed to attract wealth. This month brings prosperity and a chance to shine.
MONKEY This month brings challenges and change, but also luck and prosperity. Embrace it! Expect rewards and use lucky charms to amplify positive energy. Financial blessings return, so shine and let your success speak for itself
ROOSTER Tough month ahead with the illness and misfortune star in your chart. Stay positive, meditate, and use anti-illness charms like the Vitaluxe amulet and metal wu lou to combat negativity. Wear calming colors white, gold, and silver for well-being.
DOG Slow down, relax! This month is for self-care, rather than competition. Recharge with charms and focus on personal growth. Distance yourself from negativity and prioritize your own well-being.
BOAR Relax and keep away from stress. Recharge with charms, and focus on self-care and personal growth more than work demands. Distance yourself from negativity and keep health and well-being in constant check.

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