Frigga Fashion Forecast -- May 6 – June 5, 2024

Animal Sign May 6 – June 5, 2024
RAT You’re in for mixed luck. Expect challenges at home and work, but stay positive and proactive to overcome them. Be alert for opportunities but avoid scams. Nurture relationships through communication and positivity.
OX This month brings success but also potential negativity resurfacing. Place protective charms and talismans, especially in key areas of your home or office. Stay positive and determined to face challenges, and remember, past issues may arise but won't define you.
TIGER Despite success and love, uneasiness lingers. Past troubles may return, so be mindful of negative energies. Use a Prosperity Vase and Karma Guardian Tower for added defense. Stay positive, focus on what matters, and let your strength and protective measures guide you through challenges.
RABBIT Your career thrives with exciting offers but you must choose wisely. Embrace challenges that lead to growth. For singles, a perfect match awaits. Family seeks your guidance. Offer support – it's a sign of respect. Share your knowledge and kindness – you'll make a positive impact.
DRAGON After a rough patch, optimism returns! Be with positive people and embrace prosperity. Place lucky symbols in the Southeast for career success. Focus on your partner's needs or, if single, open your heart to love. The universe supports your journey towards a brighter future.
SNAKE Negativity fades and optimism soars! Find support, focus on family and career success. Decorate the Southeast with lucky symbols for professional luck. Prioritize your partner or open your heart if single. Embrace the universe's support and navigate change towards a brighter future.
HORSE Spread positivity around: at home and at work. Deepen connections with your partner or embrace new encounters if single – love is in the air! Enhance your South corner for self-growth and empower yourself. Keep an open mind and seize positive changes!
SHEEP Rare wealth luck arrives! Pursue financial goals, complete projects, and take action. It's a powerful time to boost income (double wealth star year!). Wear 9-Charm Bracelets, visualize success, and create a vision board to manifest your desires. Choose wisely to paint your prosperous future.
MONKEY Acknowledge your progress! It's wealth luck time! Take action on finances, clear obstacles, and seize opportunities. Rare double wealth star year! Wear 9-charm bracelets, visualize success, and make a vision board. Choose wisely to shape your prosperous future.
ROOSTER Good news! Luck is up! Romance blossoms, relationships strengthen, families grow. Professional life thrives with joy, promotions, and teamwork. Place Victory Horses or Dragon/Phoenix symbols in South/Southwest for extra boost. Enjoy this prosperous time!
DOG This month brings challenges, but you have the strength to overcome them. Trials make you stronger! Take action, stay positive, and don't give up. Wear peace charms for harmony. Minor relationship issues might arise; avoid arguments, use logic, and be patient.
BOAR As you face challenges this month, remember your inner strength. Confront trials with confidence and resilience. Use practical steps to overcome obstacles. Strengthen communication in relationships, avoiding unnecessary arguments. Cultivate patience, perseverance, and logical reasoning to navigate both personal and professional challenges effectively.

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