Frigga Fashion Forecast -- March 4 to April 3, 2022

ANIMAL SIGN March 4 to April 3, 2022
RAT Good fortune is waiting with open arms for you. Have faith in yourself and continue to work hard at your job. It will broaden your horizons. If you’re still single, don’t let your dedication to your job affect your relationships. If you’re involved with someone, be vocal; talk through your issues.
OX Expect good fortune through travel, work, and savings. Wear your Wealth and Success medallion to help you focus on your job and keep distractions away. A painting of Victory Horses in the South will also be good. With your self-determination and these energy boosters, your hard work will soon reap due rewards.
TIGER Good news with regard to travel, completion, and even wealth generation. Activate the Northeast sector of your home or office with wealth-enhancing symbols, such as water fountain, infinity symbols, or your secret friend – the Boar. Those in a committed relationship should watch out for temptations that can be a threat to what you have built.
RABBIT The wealth star shines for you, laying down new paths from which you can profit. Favorable auspicious prints with symbols of good fortune will help bring added success! Duties may have to be rearranged if only to help your workers feel more fulfilled. Use new learning to help develop your business this month.
DRAGON You might start to feel pressured this month. There’ll be lots to attend to, but the positive news is that you are ready and equipped to face them. Place an auspicious arowana painting or money tree in the Southwest of your home or office to boost your performance.
SNAKE There may be challenges, but you should be able to manage the pressure and maintain concentration when making decisions. Remember that you have an essential audience at home! Those close to you, your friends and family, will stand by you when times are tough! Therefore, they warrant your full attention and care.
HORSE Difficulties may make you feel as if you’ve run into a dead end. Whatever accomplishments you’ve made appear to have vanished. Think of it as a chance to resolve to not pass this way again. Wear the 5-Element Pagoda amulet to help shield you from the negative energies that lie ahead. On the brighter side, there are plenty of feel-good moments in the love department.
SHEEP Concentrate on keeping yourself safe, because when your health is at stake, there is little that you can do. With the afflicted stars manifesting greatly this month, you may experience robbery or theft or miss out on important chances. To prevent this from happening, wear Rhino and Elephant Amulets or an Anti-Robbery Medallion.
MONKEY You might feel as if nothing goes as expected. This time, your well-being should be your main focus. Try not to meet any difficulty head-on and remember that some issues can be resolved by themselves. If you are single, create some quiet time and savor the peace that goes with it.
ROOSTER There are negative indications in your monthly chart, which must be managed by proper feng shui cures. The peace and harmony medallion amulet can provide you some protection from possible afflictions. Still, some progress and new opportunities are possible despite terrible turns.
DOG Your constant efforts will begin to pay off at work. Try not to disregard the inputs of associates as this could open you up to contention and envy, which are not helpful at all. Their suggestions may not feel right; still, try to reconsider them because they could be appropriate later.
BOAR Prioritizing your health and well-being should be your goal moving forward. Wear metal elements colors such as white, gold, and silver to help suppress the threat of illness. Emphasize the need for teamwork among co-workers. Productivity soars when everyone is working for a common goal rather than trying to outdo each other.

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