Frigga Fashion Forecast -- April 4 – May 4, 2022

ANIMAL SIGN April 4 – May 4, 2022
RAT Your job is hard, and it doesn’t seem to ease up. Comply with your morals. Don’t be afraid of your sentiments; speak up about your thoughts. You might be low on energy, but it’s only temporary. Keep going, and eventually, you will see a significant improvement in yourself.
OX Don’t let your guard slip despite the progress you’ve made. There is a high risk of misunderstanding this month, which might jeopardize the goals you have set for yourself. Be cautious not to allow these factors to harm your relationships. Wear the red mystic mantra shawl to get that peaceful feeling.
TIGER There is a great chance for misunderstanding that can hinder the achievement of your set goals this month. Maintain a positive mindset and place Feng Shui remedies for peace and harmony in the Southwest and West sectors of your home and workspace. Pay attention to your relationship with loved ones.
RABBIT Issues may arise in your relationships with friends, family, colleagues, and business-related organizations. Still, you could experience some winnings due to the presence of the sum-of-ten combination in your chart this month. Thus, ensure that cures and enhancers are properly placed in your home or office.
DRAGON This is a transition period, and you’ll be frustrated and disappointed in the end if you pay attention only to the material aspects of your life. Find some time for self-reflection and personal development. Try new things for a purpose beyond just fun.
SNAKE Be sure to heed your instinct and silence your inner critic because so far, you’ve done an excellent job. Compliment yourself often; be motivated and determined to widen your knowledge and get your life on the right path. If you play your cards well, this month could be the best so far.
HORSE Favorable energies are again at your back! You have the chance to be given a very interesting assignment. You might even get a proposal that could prompt a compensation increase! This month also has many opportunities to reestablish kinships; go out, and even develop new contacts. You will end up very busy, indeed.
SHEEP Although this is your conflict month, luck is on your side and you will have the energy to tackle what lies ahead. You career is looking great, so take the time to show how devoted you are at work. Even if you find yourself busy this month, it is always crucial to set aside time for the ones you love.
MONKEY Your career is looking up, so make every effort to show how committed you are at your job. No matter how busy things could get, set aside some time for the ones you love. You will have the chance to right the wrongs of last month and smooth out tough situations.
ROOSTER Some issues can weigh you down. Strangely, these unpleasant things happen just when you are about to start making progress. Deal with any challenges that may come your way without further delay. Wear personal amulets for health enhancement and use a mantra wallet to keep your cash intact!
DOG Be more determined to look for new avenues to develop your skills and be more proficient at what you do. Keep the passion burning in your heart and stay invested in what you have already started. For those in a relationship, use this period to further strengthen ties with your partner.
BOAR The energy of this month will make you feel positive as new opportunities begin to present themselves. Keep the fire of positivity burning in your heart and remain focused on what you have committed yourself to do. If in a relationship, consider taking serious steps toward strengthening romance.

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