FRIGGA FASHION FORECAST - November 7 to December 6, 2020


NOV. 7 TO DEC. 6, 2020


Strong love indications; singles may be headed for serious relationships. If you can, socialize to meet new people. Ignore any gossiping at work. This month should be about cooperation and being on the same page with colleagues.


There could be opportunities to learn new things, travel, or make investments. If someone you trust gives you sound career or business advice, take heed because it will serve you well.


While in a social situation, you might meet someone who can give you valuable advice. Listen carefully as this could have a big impact on your life. New doors could open; trust your intuition.


Your work will be challenging but rewarding. Your colleagues will be happy to help as you’ve done the same thing for them in the past. Love aspects may not be so rosy. Avoid arguing with your partner as your aura is fragile.


Be careful with money matters. View struggles at work as a test, and you’re halfway through successful completion. Protect yourself from the Loss Star that is in your chart this month. Find some distraction by engaging in fun activities.


Pay attention to your expenses. Reckless spending will put you in financial trouble. This month, spare some time for the people you love. Protect them and yourself from the threat of possible loss or theft.


Take note of signs of anxiety that may arise from your personal and professional life. These may be due to arguments or health issues. Set aside time for special people you care about. Singles should not rush making decisions related to romance.


There will be past unsettled issues to deal with. Even so, do not let them distract you from your current activities. Be sure you are mentally ready to address those unresolved issues. Get some feng shui cures to help you balance conflicting energies.


If some things do not feel right, it could be the Misfortune Star in your chart this month. Keep your SW and North sectors protected by placing Peace and Harmony enhancers. Manage the energies around you and focus on what matters most.


Clear the path for more urgent tasks that lie ahead. This will also allow space for new opportunities. For singles, remember that love may appear when you least expect it. Keep some lucky charms to enhance relationship luck.


There may be offers that could bring you wealth and prosperity. Take note of your goals and see where you need to go. Activate your good luck with water-element charms or glitter lamps. A great time to take advantage of networking.


Take an aggressive outlook to take advantage of good potentials coming your way. Networking will play an important role. To realize some cash and collection opportunities, wear or carry wealth enhancers this month.

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