FRIGGA FASHION FORECAST - October 8 to November 6, 2020


OCT. 8 TO NOV. 6


Things may not go the way you expect them to; don’t let this affect your morale and energy. There could be some stressful triggers at work. If left unresolved, problems can follow you home and cause tension there, too.


If you’re single, enjoy being alone. If you’re married, be mindful of possible tension between you and your partner. Don’t give in to depression. Instead, be nice to yourself, count your blessings, and wear some calming amulets.


Try to realign your goals with your energy. You may need to temper your feelings and take some time off. This would be easier if you are single, but married Tigers should take care that their bad moods won’t affect their partners.


Watch your expenses and keep within your budget. However, if some good news arrives that merits celebration, then give in to the urge. There are some positive vibes around you.


Conflict situations should not bring you down. Keep your focus and tap into favorable energies. Remember that if you’re happy, it will show in your work. If you are single, love may very well find you soon.


You are bubbling and feeling great! So much positive energy coming from a lot of people in the workplace. Your romantic relationship also gets a boost. Enjoy the hunt if you are single. This month, you’ll shine like a star!


Your energy is back and as you feel stronger, opportunities will start coming your way. Those in business may see some deals working out. Your personal relationships also get a boost. Enjoy the ride!


This is a time for healing your heart and mind. Positive developments at work where you’ll enjoy support from your team. Try to be more confident when talking to people in social gatherings.


How you communicate with people will be very important. If you’re feeling some social discomfort, using or wearing popularity enhancers will help a lot. You have love luck on your side. Don’t waste it.


It’s all about hard work this month, but don’t think twice about asking others for help. Keep things friendly and diplomatic. For single or married Roosters, cultivating  loving and meaningful relationships is key.


Trust that whatever you decide regarding your career will work in your favor. In fact, you may experience growth in many life aspects this month. Boost your chances with some Victory symbols. At the very least, they will help connect you with the right people.


Positivity will affect areas of your life related to wealth. Activate your networking luck with mantra-inspired accessories to invite others to help you with your goals. Regarding love life, you may have to protect it from possible interventions.

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