Frigga Fashion Forecast -- October 8 to November 6, 2021

ANIMAL SIGN October 8 to November 6, 2021
RAT Say no to late nights and follow a regular sleep pattern to help stave off any illness and to improve your health, overall. Rewards await in your career, provided that you prove your worth. Reliability and efficiency are key at this time, as there could be conflict at home and at work.
OX Be prepared for success in every aspect of your life this month. Take some time to enjoy all the positive energy flowing to you! Make sure your feng shui cures are updated. Hang a protector on your door knob and your Astrology Medallion or an image of the Rooster to keep the positivity flowing!
TIGER Focus on your family. Keep the interactions harmonious and remember to respect one another and continue cultivating loving relationships. As for career goals, weigh all options when making a decision. Your mind and heart should be in agreement on the goals you have set for yourself.
RABBIT There may be crucial work problems to solve. Remember that valuable lessons can be learned from those experiences. In love, be patient with your partner and work through your differences immediately. Maintaining harmonious relationships comes with some sacrifices.
DRAGON Buckle up as both obstacles and opportunities are on the horizon. With your busy schedule, you may feel a bit down. Prioritize your personal needs over other things that are not essential. Savor the moment instead of being scared.
SNAKE Financially, things start to make sense. You will feel relieved for the first time in months. You will be able to afford something you’ve been postponing. Prioritize your personal needs and your relationships. There will be both opportunities and obstacles, but things will go in your favor.
HORSE You may notice success in every area of your life. Things will begin to run smoothly, so take full advantage of this exciting period while it lasts. Take note of the flying star compass orientations of your home and office and update your cures and enhancers.
SHEEP Some issues at home or in your place of work will seemingly be out of your control. Losing your grip on your temper will only bring forth consequences that you will later regret. Set aside your pride and ego and just let issues slide this month.
MONKEY Negative energy and vibes can never result in anything positive; they only have the capacity to cause damage. This is why you have to be very careful and cautious of the type of energy you allow yourself to be surrounded with. Be more forgiving and reasonable in your dealings this month.
ROOSTER Now is a good time to take stock of your prospects going forward. Completing unfinished tasks can clear the path for more opportunities to come. Take advantage of the double wealth star configuration in your chart, which only happens once every eight years.
DOG You can feel trouble forming from all angles this month. Remember, everyone does not wish you well. Try to keep a low profile and protect yourself from negative vibes by having some protective charms, such as the floral mantra or the rhino and elephant symbol.
BOAR Conflict at the workplace may make it difficult for you to see progress. Take some time out to let the negative vibes pass. You may seek comfort from your loving partner. If you’re single, someone may show interest, but the attention may not be that real. Be careful.

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