Frigga Fashion Forecast -- November 7 to December 6, 2021

ANIMAL SIGN November 7 to December 6, 2021
RAT The stars are in your favor and there is every reason to feel optimistic. Only the most positive people can help revitalize your energy, so keep them close. Now is the time to promote prosperity and success within your family. Hang the Auspicious Coins Painting or display Victory emblems in the North sector.
OX With so much luck by your side, now is the time to focus on your career. Many opportunities for growth are coming to you, so be ready to accept them. Know, too, that new people you meet will become very important in your life. Use Glitter Lamps and Water Fountains to tap into this month’s good luck.
TIGER You will be given a lot of opportunities for growth and wealth creation. Be open to other people’s suggestions that could help you grow. Use Glitter Lamps or water fountains to manifest success. Share your success with your partner. The time you spend with them is precious and it will make your bond strong.
RABBIT A certain challenge may put up a stronger fight than you expected. This will strengthen you further and also promote your growth. Wear the Mantra Peace and Harmony amulet with an icon of an apple. A slight misunderstanding with your partner might lead to a more complex issue. Desist from arguments; they will do you no good.
DRAGON This month is filled with love, and if you have a partner, great memories await you. Healthwise, everything is in perfect condition. You are full of energy and generally positive about the future. Your relentless efforts will definitely pay off, but you have to take your breaks as well.
SNAKE This is the month of love, BUT, this is also your conflict month, so some misunderstandings could arise! Do not take your partner for granted. Embrace this opportunity to celebrate your love. That said, your overall health is very important. There’s enough time for you to achieve success, but you’ve got to take your breaks as well!
HORSE Be ready and excited to accept opportunities. Remain focused, productive, and success-driven throughout. Tie up loose ends and wrap up an unfinished job. This is also a great time to make a commitment and discuss the next step in your love relationship. For luck, use the success and Prosperity Medallion.
SHEEP You might find it hard to be optimistic, which could affect your physical and mental health. Your overall well-being could be drained by the argument and illness stars. Try to fight anxiety and remain calm, forgiving, and patient. Zealously guard your health and stay away from any negative vibes.
MONKEY The star combination of argument and illness energies could drain your overall well-being. You need to remain strong at this time and continue to reassure yourself that you can overcome challenges as you have done before. If you are not careful, the tension might spread to your personal relationships. Wear your feng shui amulets for protection.
ROOSTER Keep your home secure as risks of robbery and loss are very high. Secure your personal belongings and do not let valuables lying around where they could be snapped out by anyone. Wearing some anti-burglary amulets is a must. If you are able to deal with this month’s negative energy, your goals will still be attainable.
DOG Make more time for family and friends and be a source of encouragement to others. Things seem to be brighter, and you may go through developments you have always dreamed about. Display a Victory Horse in the Southwest corner of your home or office or wear the popularity and attractiveness medallion for luck.
BOAR Things will begin to work well this month as you become hopeful about the future. If you are in a relationship, be bold enough to take the next step. If you are in the courtship stage, a person may open romantic doors for you this month. Have the popularity and attractiveness medallion handy.

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