Frigga Fashion Forecast -- September 7 – October 7, 2022

ANIMAL SIGN September 7 – October 7, 2022
RAT You will have a lot of favorable circumstances in your workplace. Also, it’s a good time to declare your true feelings to your love interest. It is important to spend time with your family this month. Take some time out of your busy schedule to visit them. Family bonding is important for your peace of mind.
OX You may face challenges including possible money loss. If your house faces West or Northwest, be extra careful and enhance security in your home and its content as risks of robbery and loss are very high. You should secure your personal belongings, and not leave valuables lying around where anyone could snap them out.
TIGER Money luck continues despite the presence of slightly negative energy. You may experience difficulties, but then such is life, for every risk you take comes with unwanted consequences. If a work opportunity appears too good to be true, it probably is! Remain alert and rewards will finally come.
RABBIT As your energy levels are likely to go down, ensure that you do not become gloomy and irritable, as the tension might spread to your personal relationships. Try to fight these feelings and remain calm, forgiving, and patient; otherwise, your overall mental and physical health could be at risk.
DRAGON Despite your attempts to maintain good communication with your partner, a slight misunderstanding might lead to a more complex issue. It will be best to not even start arguments; practice self-control. To protect you from adverse circumstances, put on the peace and harmony mantra with the apple symbol.
SNAKE A certain issue may put up a tougher fight than you expected. Remember that it can be more challenging if you lack trust in yourself. In the relationship area, you need to watch out, persevere, and maintain self-control. You will also need these virtues in the workplace to keep you focused on your goals.
HORSE Extra income or some unexpected gifts are quite possible. Single Horse could be presented with a new love prospect. Remember that the universe responds to whatever karma you put out there. Just go with the flow and wait for what Cupid has prepared for you this time. Also, use everything within your means to accomplish your professional objectives.
SHEEP This is a period to promote prosperity and success within your family. You should keep the needs of your partner foremost in your mind. This is the time to rekindle the flame in your relationship. For the Single Sheep, there is reason to be hopeful because your soulmate may just be around the corner! There is no point rushing to see this through. It will come in perfect time.
MONKEY The stars align for you, filling you with hope and motivation. Use your good fortune to flourish and create good vibes in your family. Your partner’s needs matter a lot this month, so keep them in mind. Think of new and exciting ways to rekindle the fire in your relationship and romance.
ROOSTER Things are seemingly brighter for you this time around, and you may go through developments that you have always dreamed about. Make more time for family and friends to add to that sense of fulfillment and contentment. Be a role model at work and encourage your coworkers to achieve significant results.
DOG It pays to be aware when an awful star visits any of your home or office sectors. Try wearing some specially created mantra accessories or evil eye lucky charms. They will open doors for better satisfaction with what you have and also protect you from negative influences. Keep a positive mindset and focus on things that matter most.
BOAR Always be cautious when a bad star visits any of your sectors. It is better to be safe than sorry! Look at the bright side and focus on things that matter most. Include the colors white, gold or silver in your daily outfit and accessories. These metal elements can help control the effects of the misfortune star, and attract auspicious energies.

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