Frigga Fashion Forecast -- October 8 – November 6, 2022

ANIMAL SIGN October 8 – November 6, 2022
RAT You will see some progress towards wealth, and the Wealth and Success Medallion will help you spot the opportunities easily. Your relationship will bring you happiness. Make more time for your partner this month. It will strengthen your bond and bring joy to both of you.
OX Some conflict possible, but you can still expect some positive surprises, such as an increase in income or an unexpected bonus. The annual and monthly stars combine to provide you with winning luck. It will be helpful to wear Wish-Fulfilling Amulets or Mantra Rings to attract the good things you wish for this month.
TIGER Arm yourself with confidence and all the necessary wealth amulets to attract good fortune this month. Be observant of how this newfound good luck can enhance your positive energy and turn your insecurities around. Follow your heart and cast away all doubts.
RABBIT The Victory Star should bring you many good news. Be ready to grab the life-changing opportunities that will come knocking at your door. You could have a lot of breakthroughs and rewards this month if you trust your instincts. Just go with the flow, and be careful about making any drastic changes to your relationship.
DRAGON This time, gossip will happen quite often at work. A lot of challenges could pose a bit of risk. Pay more care to your health, as you will be both physically and mentally challenged. Remain strong and use the Ultimate Protector Amulet to help you scale through the month unhurt.
SNAKE There will be physical and mental challenges ahead. Gossip will happen quite often at work, so try to stay away from trouble! You may not be at your full potential, but slowly, you will get back to your normal self. Be careful of how you relate with your loved ones; you might tend to lash out at them due to your disappointments.
HORSE Be more conscious of your spending habits. You could be given job offers that are truly enticing. Be extremely careful because there will be strings attached. If you get into speculative ventures this month, you might end up losing your cash. There might be some difficult times in your relationship. Avoid possible issues by spending more quality time with your partner.
SHEEP You are very passionate, and this will help you make the progress you want to make. Let positive energy persist this month. Jealous people cannot be controlled. Keep in mind that others may not celebrate your success. More importantly, keep your head down and quietly celebrate any success that may come your way.
MONKEY Some health issues may put you in a difficult spot. Remember this as you take on more obligations at work. Keep in mind that others may not look kindly at your progress. Try to be discreet about your achievements. Be humble and keep a low profile as much as possible this month.
ROOSTER The stars may not be aligned in your favor as the risk of losing something of material value is possible. Do not trust everyone you meet! Now is the perfect time to engage yourself in charity and volunteer work to give back to the community. These things will lend you some positivity as you have been feeling a bit ineffective lately.
DOG You might have the chance to visit new places or be given an interesting assignment. This month also brings many chances to restore relationships; go out and develop new contacts. You will end up very busy, both at work and in personal affairs. Rest assured that things are starting to come together again.
BOAR Now is the time to get back on task confidently with any important plans and projects. Go out and renew friendships or make new contacts. Activate the South sector of your home with a Wealth Tree or the auspicious Orange Tree; else, wear the Affirmation Shawl. Things are coming back together productively.

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