FRIGGA FASHION FORECAST - September 7 to October 7, 2020




You are in for some pleasant surprise from unexpected places. Alternative income sources could yield profits. Be open to ideas coming from friends and associates. Keep your lucky charms near you.


There could be some exciting changes. This may mean life-changing decisions. Take a leap of faith; luck is on your side. If travel is an option, think of your ideal places. Boost your luck with enhancers in the Northeast.


Your energy level is not completely back to where it should be. Better to take your mind off negative things by taking up a new hobby. Try to be a better team player at work. Harmonious interactions will make things better.


Wealth, career, and health prospects are all heading towards more positive directions. Love life blooms for both the happily single and committed Rabbits. Celebrate good luck this month!


A prosperous month indeed! This is the time to reap rewards from your hard work, as it is to start implementing new plans. Pitch your proposals to the right people. You’re on the good side of people who matter.


Enjoy being the center of attention. Major wins are within reach to get your life in sync. This is also the time to take health matters seriously. You wouldn’t want health issues getting in the way of celebration.


Manage your energy level to sustain you in the coming weeks. Wearing your mantra protection accessories is a must this period when obstacles seem to crop up from everywhere. Cheer up and be confident.


You may have to deal with matters you are not prepared for. Things may seem to slow down, which you’ll find disappointing. Don’t let work issues affect your relationships at home. Initiate bonding activities.


Tension could pile up putting your health at risk. At work, your team seems to be out of sync. Projects may not develop according to plan, thus affecting your performance. Accept others for what they are.


Having big dreams is good, but not to the extent that you overload yourself.

Focus on your goals and avoid too much distraction. Use feng shui protection to ward off jealousy and politicking this month.


Heed advice from other people regarding your career. All the hard work you’ve done will start showing signs affecting your health. Protect yourself from any illness. For those seeking love, trust that it will find you when the right moment comes.


Be grateful for all the positive things you’ve had so far. Offer spiritual thanks to help invite more good fortune in the future. Remember to manage the illness vibes around you at this time. Nothing too serious that can’t be handled, though.

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