2023 Year of the Water Rabbit Forecast

RAT You could be among the winners in the Year of the Water Rabbit. Being blessed with the so-called Future Prosperity star, this could provide you with auspicious blessings and good fortune, which can be multiplied up to nine times! As they say “Blessed are you who sow every Seed you so plant, will grow into bountiful crops for great harvest.
OX Threats of robbery, losses, or possible injuries will be bothering the Ox-born people. Nonetheless, with your innate confidence, strength, and stability, you will always prosper even during difficult times. Just avoid being arrogant, resentful, and temperamental, all of which will result in your downfall and destruction. Professionally, you are always trustworthy and can be relied on.
TIGER Tigers may continue their harvest of good fortune; however, threats of being robbed, possible losses or injuries loom in your chart. If you have earned good karma through your past actions, the universe will help you manifest some profitable gains this year. Prevent any of these negative influences with the anti-robbery plaque in the Northeast or bring with you the anti-robbery talisman.
RABBIT This is your year and there’s a lot to gain especially that Rabbit-born are believed to be harbinger of calmness, peace, and tranquillity. Rabbits are advised to be extra careful not to drive away blessings in the form of money or promotion at work. The only challenge that the Rabbits will be facing this year is the threat to their health and longevity, as they will feel easily drained and uninspired.
DRAGON Brace yourself for possible negativities brought by hostile energies that indicate heartaches and misunderstandings. It needs a lot of your patience, tolerance, and restraint to avoid being carried away by unusual heartaches that will present themselves to you. Be strong and take the high road. Avoid at all costs any disagreements and opt for peace and harmonious environment.
SNAKE The presence of the hostility star in 2023 will rock the peaceful life of the Snake-born. Usually, the Snakes just glide through life and somehow manage to get through the challenges that come their way. This time, there are indications of heartaches, misunderstandings, lawsuits, and plenty of quarrelling. Wear some fire element energies such as red, pink or purple or other peaceful charms may include the friendship medallion or peace and harmony symbols.
HORSE Wealth luck and good fortune will roll in easily towards Horse-born people this 2023! This is not the time to take it easy but rather push yourself to the limit and keep on working smart to achieve unlimited funds, profitable partnerships or promotions. All these will truly bring you extra income. Your investments could also grow and multiply. If you do not need the funds now, no need to sell; rather it would be best to invest even more on assets such as land, gold, silver, or anything that is within your budget. Try to engage in some side hustle for added income.
SHEEP Sheep-born people are quite blessed this 2023! Not only because they are the allies and closest to the year’s ruling animal, the Rabbit, but also because their auspicious Victory star provides them with new beginnings and superior blessings. This time around, you may receive requests for collaborations in business, partnership both in new technology, training certifications, coaching services, and the like. You could gain new heights and experience many new things that are not familiar to you. This is also a good time to venture into unfamiliar territory for expansion.
MONKEY Finally, after what seemed to be a never-ending struggle for the Monkey-born people last year, the Year of the Rabbit 2023 will be quite a period of relief. Monkeys will be blessed with the very auspicious Victory star. This will surely provide you a more favorable year. However, you will still have to manage the threat of three killings star this year. This is such a bad star that could bring some issues about your name being compromised, loss of money, and some health scare. Monkey-born are advised to bring the mandala shawl designed with special mantra affirmations and symbols for protections.
ROOSTER Roosters could experience both highs and lows despite of this being your conflict year. So take it easy, lie low and best to take a shift, make some necessary changes, or if you can afford it, try to move to a different home, or location. This is usually the best thing to do when it is your conflict year. You must always bring with you the Tai sui coin as your special talisman and display the Tai sui plaque in the West sector of your home or office. This can still be a very busy year for you with possible cash blessings, which will arrive in the form of a windfall.
DOG Although your animal sign is the secret friend of the Rabbit, it is a must for Dog-born people to provide extra attention on caring for themselves in 2023. This is due to the threat of the misfortune star present in your chart this time This can seriously bring havoc to your life. There is also the risk of illness, which may affect your income opportunities and working schedules. Always bring your Five element pagoda charm or ultimate mantra amulets. For extra protection, carry some amulets for health and longevity. The Anti-illness Charms will also help neutralize these afflictions.
BOAR Boars are friends with the Rabbit, and that’s good news, indeed. Therefore, despite some hurdles, you may expect some help from the energies of the year. Install the images of your allies and friends in the Northwest sector of your home or office with the images of Rabbit, Sheep, and Boar. Boar people should look after their health as problems with the stomach, itchiness of the skin, or similar infections may pose some risks. This will be irritating and annoying, and if not addressed early, could let you end up in a hospital. Wearing metal element colors and accessories such as white, gold and silver will prove beneficial.

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