Frigga Fashion Forecast -- April 5 – May 5, 2023

ANIMAL SIGN April 5 – May 5, 2023
RAT It’s time you listen to your heart. Your goals will be more within your reach, especially considering the favorable winds. Everything surrounding your wealth will be positively affected. This is one of the most fortunate times of your life.
OX Expect some pleasurable encounters. Anything you have firmly resolved to achieve this month could be accomplished. Get more rest since all the running around could drain you sooner or later. Make your well-being your prime need.
TIGER Many positive things are coming your way! You will move closer to your end-goals than you have ever done before! For unhindered progress, take care of your health no matter how minor the issue seems. Listen to your body, make your health a priority.
RABBIT Many changes are ready to be put into effect. Your capacity to spot opportunities when they arise are essential. For those currently in a relationship, planning for the next stage may be ideal at this time. Meaningful discussions will help in handling future issues.
DRAGON You may feel surrounded more by negative than positive unlike before. This may reflect poorly on your career and personal life. As two negative stars are colliding in your chart, ensure to install the five element pagoda figurine and the peace and harmony symbols in the Southeast sector of your home.
SNAKE Things may not be functioning as you would expect, adversely affecting your resolve and energy. Relationship with a family member or a business colleague may be strained. Counter this with peace and harmony amulets.
HORSE If you have set your heart into what you want to accomplish, now is the time to make them happen. Power on and use this period to your full advantage. Activate your networking luck with victory-inspired amulets, success medallions, and other wealth symbols.
SHEEP The Argument star could cause challenges. At times you could fall victim to gossips and betrayal. Control this affliction and be safe by having your feng shui protection. Choose to be with well-meaning friends who can help you move forward.
MONKEY Surviving this month will need your intuition and decisiveness. Concentrate on your health. Self-care is essential for your vitality to recover. You will have a lot to handle this month, so push through to be rewarded at the end. Maintain a strategic distance from controversy.
ROOSTER You will find the opportunity to join an organization that will help you in your career objectives. Use everything within you power to accomplish your work goals. You will be offered a lot of chances for development and wealth creation. This month opens the door for singles to discover love.
DOG Know that there are two inauspicious stars in your chart and this is also your conflict month; thus, be extra careful and more sensitive with your decisions and actions. Keep the faith, keep moving on, and always have your feng shui protection.
BOAR This month’s woes include the risk of being misunderstood over some menial issues. Try to see things as they are and focus on positive things. Remember that solutions and answers exist within you. This is also the time when your safety and security should be top concerns.

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