Frigga Fashion Forecast -- November 7 – December 6, 2022

ANIMAL SIGN November 7 – December 6, 2022
RAT Bad energies may bring challenges and potential losses. However, these risks will also have some payoffs in terms of new opportunities. Deal with the negative energy before you decide to move forward. If you spot any opportunity at work, grab it immediately. Be careful with shortcuts, since they don’t always lead to the right destination.
OX You may feel insecure as though your hard work is not paying off. Be flexible and wear metal element colors, such as white, gold, and silver to neutralize negative energy. Focus on communication and let go of the minor things in your relationships. Challenging issues in your relationship are better addressed later.
TIGER Relationship issues are better dealt with later. Be flexible. Though you are strong and determined, if you are not mindful, troubles can still occur. You will find that your charm and outgoing personality will draw people to you. Wear metal element colors to neutralize negative energy.
RABBIT Your love life looks promising. You are full of romance, and your chances of meeting the right person is likely. If you are married, or newly engaged, you will have just the same luck as the one for singles. Your passion is very strong, and this is the perfect time to make memories you can cherish forever.
DRAGON Life is not a race; you don’t have to compete for the first position. First, focus on self-improvement to bring out the best version of yourself. Second, keep away from people who have a negative influence on your life. Relax, enjoy, and relieve yourself from the daily stress associated with work.
SNAKE Stay away from strenuous activities that may do you harm. Regardless of what you face or what lies in wait for you, never let your passion for success drop. Do not feel pressured by the success of others. You don’t need to make crucial decisions in your life this month.
HORSE This month is full of great wealth luck through successes in the workplace. While you are enjoying your blessings, make sure you give love to your friends and family. Put on the beautiful infinity ring or bangles as your success enhancers. Single Horses may see romantic possibilities this month.
SHEEP Take some time to focus on any health issues and soon you will feel like you can conquer the world. Activate the Southwest sector for wealth luck. Don’t forget to spend time with your love partner to create new memories. Single Sheep should use this time to fulfill their bucket lists.
MONKEY Use this period to manage your self-doubts and show what you are capable of. Set your best intentions for every decision you make— particularly with regard to business deals. Single Monkeys should keep themselves busy with improving their love prospects. Seems that Cupid already has eyed someone for you.
ROOSTER After a month of lousy energy, things seem to be getting better. Try to connect with like-minded people around you. This time is also ideal to restart the connection with friends and family. It is good to be doing well at work, but it is just as essential to be succeeding at social engagements!
DOG Do not fear making important choices; however, exercise caution with suggestions you provide others as much as when they are given to you. This period has the elements of success, so keep your energies up by wearing your luck enhancers or displaying success images in the Southwest sector.
BOAR Your future prosperity star brings with it many potential successes. Ignore fears and be ready to make a fresh start. Be bold in making big decisions regarding various prospects. But avoid making hasty decisions in your personal relationships so as not to spoil an otherwise good month for love.

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