Frigga Fashion Forecast -- May 5 – June 4, 2022

ANIMAL SIGN May 5 – June 4, 2022
RAT Start doing something that you’ve always wanted to do. Now is the great time for that. Don’t sweat about what you can’t change; instead, be a good team member at work. Line up some Victory symbols in the north to boost your career luck.
OX A minor illness is likely, so be sure to keep your health amulets handy. This will allow you to enjoy all of the positivity this year has to offer. You should be careful not to let small things dent your relationships this month, as minor issues can quickly become much more serious.
TIGER All the positivity and career achievements you have experienced so far should make you grateful. But then, there are some small alerts you ignore that can potentially challenge your physical health. Take time to check out the smallest aches and pains before they become serious.
RABBIT Glad tidings could come from an unexpected place. There is also the likelihood of a promotion or for an alternative income stream to yield a profit. Given this lucky month, you may find that positive vibes radiate from your well-being and are making you feel brand new. Keep your spirits high as everything will turn out great in the end.
DRAGON A work team that’s out of sync might be your biggest obstacle. Stop negative luck on its tracks by displaying the fu dogs or the General Kuan Kung at the entrance of your home. Focus on the people in your life; this month is for making connections and accepting people for who they are.
SNAKE You may notice a lot of tension piling up, and your health could be worsening. At work, none of the projects seem to go according to plan. This needs to be fixed as it might affect your performance in the long run! Try to share your thoughts with a close friend.
HORSE Favorable luck awaits, but make sure to avoid unnecessary pressure. Putting too much on your table will just detract from developing profitable connections. Keep in mind that you are not in competition with anybody. All you need to do to upgrade your life is to constantly work on self-improvement and sustaining self-esteem.
SHEEP Do those things that keep your energy levels high – be it getting enough rest or taking some time for yourself with your health in mind. You will need all the protection you can get because obstacles are indicated in your chart this month. Petty disagreements may arise in your relationship.
MONKEY You will require all the protection you can get, as obstructions may mar whatever progress you have made at work. Prevent these snags by paying attention to your instincts. Small conflicts might emerge in your relationship this month. Try to stay away from arguments with your partner and forget old issues.
ROOSTER Your amazing positive vibes will help you get the best out of this month. You will be so busy that you may not have the time to complain. If you are single, you just have to get out there. If you do that, you might find true love. Cupid may be reaching out to you this month.
DOG Stay close to your partner and work through problems together. Love helps you get through the hard times. The key is to keep pressing forward, no matter the speed; just keep moving! Ignoring problems will not make them go away. Tackle them fast without delay and be done with them!
BOAR Your prosperity may be seen with envy by others. Otherwise, this month presents amazing indications for you. Your love life looks rosy, as well. With karma on your side, your odds of meeting the right partner are quite high. In case you are seeing someone, expect the same happy prospects as those for singles.

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