Frigga Fashion Forecast -- May 6 – June 5, 2023

ANIMAL SIGN May 6 – June 5, 2023
RAT Don’t hold back and try out new ways to maximize your income. To improve your luck, install wealth-enhancing images in the West part of your home or office. Other wealth luck activators would be wood and water elements, such as prosperity plants or water fountains installed in the West sector.
OX There could be an expansion of benefit from investment, especially if you place a water fountain in the North or Northeast corner of your home or office. This month, your work could be properly recognized and compensated. You are a player throughout everyday life, and you must be in it to win it!
TIGER Be careful with who you let into your circle, both in your personal life and at the workplace. Stay motivated and optimistic! Keep doing the best you can to be the first in line to reap the benefits. Sometimes you need to treat life as a game and aim to be the top player.
RABBIT Avoid anything that could put you under strain. Lack of sleep could have an adverse effect on your health, and you should be in your sharpest physical and mental shape right now. Display the Peace and Prosperity Plaque and images in your home and workplace to foster harmony.
DRAGON The most notable news will be the changes in your love life. For single Dragons, there is a possible romance sneaking up. For the ones in a relationship, it may be time for marriage. And the married people should be on the look-out for a new member of the family.
SNAKE Things ought to be improving and working out for you. Results might come from your ventures, especially if you remain on track. Working closely with partners is a must. You may likewise need to mingle or meet new individuals. Any tattle about you ought to be disregarded, for your energies are better centered around your work.
HORSE Take maximum advantage of all opportunities that present themselves. For career luck this month, networking is important. Put on the wealth and success medallion to discover some cash and collection opportunities. Things are going perfectly for those in a committed relationship, so spend more time together.
SHEEP Try to regain your energy and complete what needs to be done. Wear health mantra accessories to invigorate you for the daily grind. Things are looking up after taking care of potential issues as of late. Your undertakings have a decent possibility of turning out well for you. Accept the merited praise for doing them.
MONKEY Try to regain your energy and decide what you want in love. Your tasks may leave you feeling low and insecure: Wear health mantra accessories to give you strength and help you control your everyday life better. Your life is coming together after tying up loose ends recently. Your business ventures have a good chance of going your way!
ROOSTER Some challenges and potential misfortunes are possible. You will be given work offers that are truly enticing. Be extremely cautious as there may be strings attached. If you make any unplanned venture this month, you might end up losing your cash. Protect yourself with the Anti-Robbery Amulet or Rhino and Elephant symbol to ward off all the afflicted energy around you.
DOG In your career, you may face some trials. Don’t panic; you can sort them out. At work, stick to the plan and don’t take risks with new strategies. If you are in a relationship, some not so good news could possibly come your way. Discuss it with your partner before jumping to conclusions.
BOAR This is a month full of happy surprises. Investing quality time with your life partner, family, and friends will have its rewards. Work on strengthening the connection with your loved ones. Enhance the Southwest corner of your home with your family portraits and ensure that these are brightly lighted every single day.

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