Frigga Fashion Forecast -- June 5 – July 6, 2022

ANIMAL SIGN June 5 – July 6, 2022
RAT This is your conflict month. Expect challenges in all aspects of life. Either wear the Pi Yao or Tai Sui or put them on your bag for security. Focus on your health. Self-care is essential for your vitality to recover.
OX Positivity will affect all areas of your life related to wealth. Thus, take advantage of one of the most fortunate times of your life. Now is the time to go after your goals. So, be aggressive and activate your networking luck.
TIGER Your goals will come easier to you given the favorable winds; trust your instinct. Areas of your life connected to wealth will be affected positively. Power on! Allow others around you to help you see the full scope of your efforts.
RABBIT There could be tension in the workplace this month. This could follow you home, causing arguments with your partner. Truth be told, you should never expect things to always go the way as planned. Whatever happens, know that the storm will pass.
DRAGON This month is full of opportunities and excellent work. Good news is waiting for you in the office. Pay attention to your projects. Your communication will be crucial. Wear the popularity medallion to boost your confidence.
SNAKE The sum-of-ten-star configuration indicates further advancement or wage increases. Your colleagues will be more cordial; they will provide you with the help you need. Pay attention to your ventures and the endless opportunities this month!
HORSE Some people may not have the foggiest idea how to deal with their feelings when they see others bloom; thus, be conscious of how you project your prosperity. Try not to be perceived as somebody who has no regard for the value of your associates as this could make you the target of envy.
SHEEP For those in business, a bargain you’ve long been searching for is now coming to realization. Start to reexamine contracts or agreements to guarantee this deal is reasonable. A lot of opportunities are waiting to be taken. It all depends on your readiness and ability to recognize them when they come.
MONKEY Now is the time to plan for big moves. For those in business, a setup you’ve been mulling for quite some time may be set to motion. Where romance is concerned for the single Monkey, the time is right to think about the next stage in your relationship.
ROOSTER You are finally getting to where you want to be! This comes with a call for caution, though. You need to take care of yourself and not leave your health at the mercy of stress. Be on the safe side now rather than later for more advantageous circumstances to come your way.
DOG Do not be sad when things do not go as planned; the worst thing in the world may happen just when you start making progress. If you are going to achieve better results this month, you must pay attention to your health, for there is nothing you can do if your health is not in order.
BOAR You will get the chance to join a social network that will help you in your career goals. There will be lots of opportunities for growth and wealth creation. If you have any business idea that you want to venture into, this is the time to make a pitch to potential investors.

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