Frigga Fashion Forecast -- June 5 to July 6, 2021

ANIMAL SIGN June 5 to July 6, 2021
RAT This is your conflict month. Place the Tai Sui Plaque in the Northeast sector of our home. Don’t be too busy; try to set aside time for the ones you love. Taking chances is most important if you are single, for you have little to lose and the world to gain. You will benefit from Mystic Knot Emblems this month.
OX There could be opportunity to visit a new place or to receive new responsibilities. Regardless of the setbacks you have endured, now is the time to press ahead with confidence as your plans and projects get back on track. Activate the Northwest sector of your home with a Wealth Tree.
TIGER You may have a chance to visit new places or be given a new and exciting task. Get back on track confidently with any important plans and projects. There will be many opportunities to renew friendships and even cultivate new contacts. Whatever happens this month, be happy that things are beginning to come together productively.
RABBIT Spend some time for self-reflection and personal development. You’ll be frustrated and disappointed in the end if you pay too much attention only to the material aspect of your life. Heed your intuition and silence your inner critic. Give yourself some praise. This will motivate you to get your life on the right path.
DRAGON There will be difficult situations that you will have to handle with grace. Your health might become vulnerable due to the stress you’re going through. Improve the energy around you by wearing white, silver, and gold. Avoid rooms facing the Southeast. Lonely days as a single bird may soon be over. Singles may meet someone with a caring and patient heart.
SNAKE In your love life, things should be moving at high speed. If you’re already in a relationship, it’s a good idea to think about the next step. The stars might affect your energy levels, making things a bit more difficult than they normally are. Use some mantra protection accessories for support and good luck. Wear white, gold and silver to improve the energy around you.
HORSE At your workplace, you might be tested from time to time to prove your readiness for greater tasks. Do not expect things to be as easy as you have been familiar with. Watch out for those things that are likely to cause you physical harm. It cannot be overemphasized: this month, you need to be concerned about your health.
SHEEP There could be some disagreement in your family and work relationships. Be aware also that there are indications of accidents or injuries; go easy on strenuous physical activities that could make you prone to harm. Keep some feng shui cures handy and avoid things that can jeopardize your good fortune.
MONKEY Keep a low profile this month for issues may arise in different areas of your life. Despite some of these hurdles, you could still experience some winnings due to the presence of the sum-of-ten combination in your chart. Place Peace and Harmony figurines in the Southwest to help you face possible challenges.
ROOSTER Misunderstandings may cause major setbacks in your relationship with your partner. If you are single, try reminding yourself that a love relationship is not the sole foundation of your life. Your soulmate will appear, in time. There’s a lot you want to achieve; however, you could be feeling short fused. Wear the red mystic knot mantra shawl for some peaceful vibes.
DOG You may be faced with issues that could weigh you down in your journey towards achieving success. In all of these, stay positive and in control, so that your health will not be affected by the possible negative impact. For those in a relationship, spend quality time with your significant other. Those who are still single are encouraged to make the most of their time now and be open for attention.
BOAR Do not be sad when things don’t go as planned. Stay close to your partner and work through problems together. If you are single, revel in the serenity. To achieve better results this month, pay attention to your health. Your well-being is top priority this month, to keep moving forward in your personal and professional life.

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