Frigga Fashion Forecast -- May 5 to June 4, 2021

Rat Focus on your health because illness may rob you of opportunities. Avoid getting in trouble and remember that some problems are able to fix themselves. With the afflicted stars present in your chart this month, you may encounter theft or robbery. Wear the Pagoda Earrings or carry Rhino and Elephant Amulets.
Ox Be prepared for challenges. Success seems elusive, causing you to feel frustrated. This is your time to learn and grow. Learn what you can for now, because this month is about growth. Wear the 5-Element Pagoda cures as accessories or install them in the Northwest of your home to fortify yourself.
Tiger Whatever achievements you’ve made seem to have all but disappeared. But with every challenge comes a lesson. Use the 5-Element Pagoda cure in the Northwest or wear the mantra medallion as an accessory to help you overcome this month’s difficulties. Find comfort in your love partner and focus on strengthening your relationship.
Rabbit There’ll be lots to attend to, but you are stronger than you have ever been; thus, you will be able to scale through the pressure. Your friends and family stand by you; therefore, they deserve your full attention and care. If you are single, don’t resist it when you are seemingly getting closer to someone!
Dragon The time for a big jump is finally here. Whatever it is you’re contending for, the victory banner could help make serious progress towards achieving your goal. When it comes to your personal life, your relationship could get even lovelier; don’t be scared to take the big step. Fill your heart with positivity and appreciate whatever you have here and now.
Snake The time for a big jump has come. When it comes to your personal life, your relationship could get even more serious. This month is a good time to make decisions about your future with your partner as the stars are in good alignment. Stay focused and productive; you’re doing great, and very soon you’ll be rewarded for all you’ve done so far.
Horse Don’t let anything interfere with your productivity. Stay away from those who are quick to say negative things. Stick with a team of like-minded members. If you are not in a relationship, this is not the best time to start one. However, if you have a partner, you will have to deal with nagging issues that seem to affect your relationship.
Sheep The prosperity star shines on you, taking you to new paths that are extremely profitable. Duties at work may have to be reshuffled to help make workers feel more fulfilled. Learn new skills to help build your business and increase your chances for more favorable luck.
Monkey Many changes could bring you closer to your dreams. Surround yourself with auspicious symbols to help bring added success! Whatever new learnings you acquire, use them to your personal advantage. In the love aspect, consider your choices very carefully; that which you have searched for your entire life may be revealed in a new light.
Rooster Expect some good news related to travel, completion, and even wealth generation. Activate the West sector of your home or office with wealth-enhancing symbols, such as water fountain, infinity symbols, or your secret friend – the mighty Dragon. Challenges in your relationship are in the past; still, remain mindful of temptations that threaten to destroy what you have built.
Dog Some progress and new opportunities are possible. Enjoy these positive turns because they do not come everyday, and when they come, they do not last. Activate the Southeast sector of your home with victory banner emblems to increase your chances at success. If you are single, your personal life gets a boost! You are quite the socialite this month, and everyone loves your positivity.
Boar You have to be full of energy and amazing positive vibes to be able to walk the talk. Wear the good luck scarf or the 8-auspicious emblems to bring you more positive energy! This will pave the route to great developments and successes. Discuss your plans with your partner to avoid hitches. Bask in the euphoria of this month!

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